Adam Burns and DevOps

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Hello! I’m Adam Burns, and I do DevOps (which means I build automation to do what System Administrators and Operators used to do by hand). Mostly. Sometimes I get side-tracked building terrible robots.

The endless knowledge shared in the blogs and posts of the tech community has fueled my work, so I try to return that investment by sharing new knowledge I uncover along the way. When I find the solution to a gnarly problem or identify a best practice or even read a book about a company that influences success in my work, I write it up here. Stumped by a config problem? Want another pair of eyes on a best practice? Need a good book to read? Message me, and if I have an answer and the time I’ll write it up for you!

Here are some of the topics I focus on:

  • Deep dives. Sometimes you have to know how the pipes under the megapolis of infrastructure tools are welded together. Did you know that EC2 Security Groups will guess the state of stateless protocols like ICMP?
  • Best practices. Ever lose data because someone left, nobody remembered to turn off their access, and then that person logged in and deleted things? That’s an Ops Problem, but one that you may want to solve with documentation instead of automation.
  • How-tos. Need to write an AWS lambda function but keep getting weird import errors from your Python package? So did I. Having trouble getting your Mac setup to test several projects that depend on several different versions of Python? I got you.

I also do some open source work that you can find on github.

Happy automating!