PowerShell DSC: Self Signed SSL Certs

Hello! First, this isn't a best practices guide for SSL certificates, it's a how-to for creating functional ones. As always, only use self-signed certs when you've specifically validated that they're a sufficiently secure solution. When I do need self-signed certs and I'm working in Windows, I generate them with PowerShell DSC and its Script Resource. … Continue reading PowerShell DSC: Self Signed SSL Certs

Which PowerShell DSC Resources Module To Import

Hello! These three modules all implement various PowerShell DSC resources: PSDesiredStateConfiguration xPSDesiredStateConfiguration PSDscResources That gives us three top-level Import-DSCResource lines we could use in configurations (check out this article for an in-context example): Here are the differences: PSDesiredStateConfiguration is the built-in module that ships in Windows as part of PowerShell 4.0. xPSDesiredStateConfiguration is an experimental version of … Continue reading Which PowerShell DSC Resources Module To Import

Headless PowerShell DSC Script

Hello! In clouds, "headless" deployment means instances provision themselves when they start. There's no external server infrastructure orchestrating their config, everything they need to do they do on their own. This is the most common deployment pattern I've seen in DevOps. It took me some fiddling to get this pattern set up in PowerShell DSC … Continue reading Headless PowerShell DSC Script